Match Report
Denstone College 13B vs  Derby Grammar School
On: Saturday, 06 Nov 2021
Venue: Away


U13B v Derby Grammar School

Result: Won

Denstone 8 Derby Grammar 4

Scorers: Louis, Will, Jai, Toby, George, Toby and Joe

Man of the match: Dexter

Dexter’s first match and a fierce performance from the moment he came on at half time.

This was a competitive game with the boys playing some great rugby. After initially conceding in the first few minutes, Denstone regrouped; Louis made two excellent runs to redress the balance. This was shortly followed by tries from Will and Jai, who looked impressive when taking the ball forward and driving the Derby defence backwards. When Derby scored again, it was from players with real pace who broke on the right side. Having brought the Walker brothers on, Denstone started to get the ball out to the wings enabling Toby and George to show their speed; tries followed.

An outstanding performance from Dexter, who put in crucial tackles throughout the second half. Notable performances also from Jeremy, who often finds cracks in the defence with his unpredictable runs in the centre, Bruce, who handles the ball brilliantly and Joe, who shows immense grit and determination every time he receives the ball. Drew also made a lightning interception that nearly saw him score his first of the season. The Denstone boys enjoyed the game and were sportsmanlike throughout.